PD Dr. med. Isabel Filges, FMH representative of the Swiss Society of Medical Genetics
Dr. sc. nat. Naomi Porret, FAMH representative of the Swiss Society of Medical Genetics
PD Dr. med. Deborah Bartholdi
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Sven Cichon
Dr. med. Thierry Nouspikel
Prof. Dr. med. Anita Rauch
Dr. sc. nat. Elisabeth Saller
Dr. med. Sheila Unger
Dr. phil. nat. Thomas von Känel
Beatrice Güdel
CME Commission:A. Giacobino
Commission of FMH-Titels:A. Bottani
Delegates of the FAMH Commission of Experts:W. Berger, M. Belfiore, J.-L. Blouin, B. Oneda
Delegate of Swiss Group of Pharmacogenetics and Personalized Therapy:S. Cichon
FAMH Quality Control:F. Béna, N. Porret, I. Magyar
FMH Commission Continuing Education:I. Filges (substitute: S. Fokstuen)
FMH Commission of Examinations:S. Fokstuen, D. Bartholdi, S. Unger
FMH Delegate:A. Bottani, D. Jorderet
FMH Dignity:S. Fokstuen (substitute: D. Bartholdi)
FMH Quality Control:D. Bartholdi
Program Commission of the GfH:S. Cichon
QUALAB Delegate:N. Porret
SAMW Delegate:S. Fokstuen
SGV (médecins-conseils)/SSMG:A. Bottani, S. Fokstuen, R. Spiegel
SIWF Delegate:I. Filges (substitute: S. Fokstuen)
SULM Delegate:E. Saller
Working Group Reproductive Medicine:A. Rauch, S. Fokstuen