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Genetic Counselling

Informed consent and the Federal Law on Human Genetic Analysis

The autonomy of patients is a fundamental principle of diagnostic and therapeutic activity in modern medicine. It is all the more important in the field of Medical Genetics, where investigations can dramatically alter life choices for the tested person, for relatives or concerning future or unborn children.

A decision to undergo or to refuse a genetic investigation must be taken after due consideration and with a good understanding of the possible implications and consequences.

Since the application on April 1, 2007 of the Law on Human Genetic Analysis (GUMG / LAGH), genetic counselling and informed consent are formally required before all genetic testing. 

Genetische Untersuchungen beim Menschen - Jährliche obligatorische externe Qualitätskontrollen

Information an die verantwortlichen LeiterInnen von Laboratorien, die medizinisch-genetische Analysen durchführen

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