Note of the SSMG: The SSMG advises that the recommendations of the ESHG are not consistent with the Swiss law on genetic testing of humans (GUMG) in all points. Obviously, the latter is legally binding in Switzerland. Please note: The GUMG (Art. 10 Par. 2) protects the right of self-determination for individuals with a legal incapacity independent of their age while the ESHG refers to minors. Furthermore, the paragraph applies in Switzerland to all types of genetic tests whereas the ESHG excludes genetic screening as well as susceptibility testing for multifactorial diseases. Finally, genetic testing of individuals with a legal incapacity in Switzerland is only approved if it is necessary to protect their health while the ESHG refers to a direct benefit.





    • Statement of the SSMG regarding direct to consumer genetic testing: Download DE | FR


    • Rechtliche Grundlagen zur Vergütung genetischer Analysen durch die obligatorische Krankenpflegeversicherung (OKP)– Brief vom BAG an die Krankenversicherer vom 3. Mai 2016 DE | FR